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West Palm Beach Bankruptcy

Tiller & Rivera Law P.A. handles bankruptcy cases throughout the state of Florida. Our firm has the capability to file bankruptcy cases in the United States District Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida. Our geographic reach is vast and allows us to serve all of our clients’ legal needs.

Our clients seek the protection of the bankruptcy courts for a number of legitimate reasons which are often the result of a job loss, illness, job related injury, foreclosure, and a variety of other causes that lead to substantial credit card debt and personal financial hardship. Once late fees, interest, and penalties begin to accrue it becomes almost impossible for consumers to pay back their debts despite their best intentions.

We represent clients in all Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings and aggressively pursue our clients’ rights to a “Fresh Start” under the bankruptcy code. Despite the financial freedom that bankruptcy can provide, many consumers are understandably hesitant to file for bankruptcy even though there is no viable alternative to address their financial needs. Often, our clients come to our office suffering needlessly from overwhelming debt because they have misconceptions about the bankruptcy process and the consequences of filing usually due to advice they received from friends or acquaintances and are often shocked to learn the truth about bankruptcy. Typically, depending on the chapter of bankruptcy filed, our clients are able to go through a bankruptcy without losing any property and can even stop a foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, or other type of creditor action. Valuable legal rights can be lost, however, by delaying a bankruptcy case and failing to seek professional advice.
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