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Unfiled or Non-Filed Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns or non-filed tax returns are a serious issue both for individuals and business.  You may be subject to significant penalties and interest for failing to file your taxes on time as required.  Even worse, failure to file tax returns at all can be a criminal offense punishable by incarceration. 

Whether you are filing your taxes late and facing penalties or have failed to file your returns at all, you may need professional tax advice from an accountant and tax attorney or tax lawyer. 

If you  hire a tax professional and you voluntary file your delinquent returns, in many cases you will avoid many potentially devastating problems other than having to pay penalties and interest on the amount owed.

Allow the tax professionals and tax attorneys of Tiller & Rivera Law P.A. assist you with your returns so that you are in compliance with the law.  Should you fail to file, in addition to other serious ramifications, the IRS may file the tax return on your behalf and will often fail to include many of the deductions you are entitled to at that time. 

Contact Tiller & Rivera Law P.A. today for a free consultation.  Once the returns of created and filed our staff can devise the best strategy to protect your property and resolve the amount owed through tax settlement or tax resolution.
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