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IRS Wage Garnishment

The IRS can garnish wages for unresolved tax liabilities.  Typically, the individual has not responded in a manner acceptable to the IRS and the IRS has notified the individual of intent to levy.  Once a garnishment is sent to your employer, the employer has few options but to withhold the funds from the check often leaving insufficient funds needed for monthly expenses including car payments, mortgage payments and the like.  The IRS wage garnishment is continuing and may not end until the full tax debt is satisfied.

A tax wage garnishment can create significant issues for those affected.  The tax attorneys and tax lawyers of Tiller & Rivera Law P.A. can often reach a tax resolution or tax settlement with the IRS including a repayment plan or installment plan which allows the client to make monthly payments without fear of a wage garnishment.  The IRS may release the tax garnishment if an agreeable resolution is reached even after the tax wage garnishment has commenced.

Contact a tax attorney or tax lawyer from Tiller & Rivera Law P.A. today.  Our initial consultations are free of charge.
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