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IRS Tax Levies and Tax Seizures

An IRS tax levy or tax seizure can create serious problems for the business or individual affected.  The IRS typically has notified you of the tax issues and has not received a response that meets with their satisfaction.  A tax levy can affect your bank accounts, wages, as well as your other real and personal property of almost any form.

The distress caused by frozen bank accounts, garnished wages, and seized assets is palpable.  Often an IRS tax levy makes it difficult if not impossible for the business or individual to meet monthly expenses needed for survival.  Do not wait for this to occur….you may need to seek professional guidance from a tax attorney or tax lawyer immediately.

As bad as a levy can be it becomes even more devastating when it results in a wage garnishment leaving very little funds to continue to meet obligations necessary for financial survival as funds are removed from your wages every pay period until the debt is fulfilled.
In many cases, the tax attorneys and tax lawyers of Tiller Law may be able to stop an IRS levy and assist you to get back on track in order to resolve your tax debt and protect your assets.

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