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IRS Tax Audit Representation

Whether you are facing a personal IRS tax audit or a business tax audit, there are few things more financially alarming than receiving an IRS tax audit notification.  Not only can dealing with the IRS be difficult, the time spent during the audit can result in lost wages or revenue because of time not spent operating your business or working at your place of employment.

Accounting and tax law can be complex and difficult to understand if one is not in the tax business and this can result in a greater tax bill and liability at the end of the audit if representation from competent tax professionals is not obtained. 
Many people and businesses subject to an IRS tax audit do not hire tax attorneys and lawyers or other tax professionals.  This is often a mistake as the IRS is trained at conducting tax audits and obtaining as much information as possible from the target and an untrained individual often will not know their rights, the IRS code, and may end up with a tax bill far exceeding what they should have to pay.

Our tax professionals will handle the tax audit from start to finish and rarely will the client be expected to deal with communications or the bureaucracy of the IRS.
You are income and assets may be at risk so don’t go against the IRS on your own.

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