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Back Taxes

Many individuals and businesses file their tax returns either on time or late but do not have the funds to pay the full tax bill.  Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses do not know where to turn for guidance when this occurs and will end up owing back taxes to the IRS.  The problem is much more serious in many cases because the accrual of tax penalties and interest can result in a debt even greater than the original tax liability.  Back taxes are a serious problem and if not addressed by a competent tax professional or a tax attorney or tax lawyer may ruin the future finances of an individual or business.

There are often ways around having to pay the full tax bill in one lump sum but this involves reaching a tax resolution with the IRS.  Many individuals and business just go forward expecting to catch up the following year not realizing that often their assets or even business will be in jeopardy. 

Settlement of back taxes through an offer in compromise or IRS tax resolution through an IRS installment repayment plan may allow you to affordably comply with tax laws and resolve your tax problems.

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